Sorry we are permanently closed.
Please contact us at 905.575.3937 or for any inquiries you may have regarding booking appointments or contact lenses.

exceptional patient experience

Quality Eye Care

Our Care Philosophy

Over the past decade City iCare has developed a strong reputation for delivering an exceptional patient experience. By consistently providing quality eye care and excellent customer service, our patients have come to expect only the very best, and we are thrilled to provide it!


Our Office

Commited to Technology

City iCare has always realized the importance of staying current with the latest technology in the industry so that our patients receive the very best eye care available. Below you will find a brief description of our diagnostic equipment that is regularly used during the eye health examination. These devices elevate our standard of care, and they take the term “early detection” to another level. They are used in the diagnosis and management of a wide number of eye conditions affecting the front and back of the eye, and they play a critical role in the fitting of specialty contact lenses.

Dedicated to all ages

Eye Care Treatments for All Ages

child getting eye exam
Eye Health Exams

Comprehensive eye health examination includes a detailed evaluation

Little boy looking at camera and smiling while sitting on chair at the ophthalmologist
Pediatric Exams

A child’s first eye exam is at six months of age, three years of age, and every year thereafter.

Bottle with lens solution and case on table
Contact Lenses

Our doctors are skilled in the fitting of many different types of contact lenses

meet the team

Dedicated To Patient Care

Our Board Certified Optometrists offer a team approach that provides our patients with excellent service and quality eye care.

city icare staff
Dr. Richard Combden
city icare staff
Dr. Bita Moeinifar
city icare staff
Dr. Colleen Brown

Our Patients
Love Our Approach

Excellent service. Very happy with the staff. The clinic is kept extremely clean and sanitized, strictly follows Covid-19 protocols.
Sreejith N.
Immediate and convenient

City iCare


We are sad to announce that our Lime Ridge and Mapleview Mall offices will be permanently closing effective February 1st 2021. We will continue to be available for all of your eyewear and eye care needs, during lockdown and onward, at our new Upper Stoney Creek location. Please note that all files from our Lime Ridge and Mapleview Mall locations are easily accessible from our Upper Stoney Creek location. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and we look forward to seeing you at your next appointment!


Welcome to City iCare, formerly known as Spectrum Family Eye Care! We have changed the name of our Lime Ridge and Mapleview Mall locations to City iCare. Nothing else changes, City iCare is still under the same ownership and we still have the same great team of staff and doctors as we have always had. For our existing patients, we still have all your electronic files, they are all easily accessible and safely stored in our electronic cloud based medical record system, as they have always been.

City iCare still has the same two locations beside Lenscrafters, inside Lime Ridge Mall in Hamilton and Mapleview Mall in Burlington.

While we have changed our name, our team will continue to deliver the same high level of service and quality eye care that you have come to expect from us! As we continue to grow and to better serve our patients, changes must be made in the process. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused, and we look forward to seeing you all again at your next appointment!

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